SURETECH Instruments Products

SURETECH Instruments product Data Sheets

Electrical SAFETY Test Instruments

1. HV/PA the High Voltage Personal Alert always alert, for ALL workers operating near power lines [472kBytes]

1a. HV/PA the High Voltage Personal Alert - Operating characteristics operating distances for different operators [42kBytes]

2. HV/PT2 the High Voltage Personal Tester [383kBytes]

3. HV/PT2 Contact Adapter kit & handles [795kB]

4. HV/PA & HV/PT Frequently Asked Questions [84kBytes]

5. HV/PT2-L2 the HV Personal Tester for LV workers [474kBytes]

6. Reference Generator (Proving unit for HV/PT2 and HV/PA) [217kBytes]

7. HV/PT & HV/PA Family description [500kBytes]

8. MV/VP Phasing Sticks for MV [750kBytes]

9. Rescue Hook for injured person recovery [200kBytes]


Current Sensors for AC




1. Rogowski Split-Flex and Ultra-Flex current sensor [745kBytes] (shown in picture left)

2. Rogowski current sensor for low current high bandwidth [77kBytes] (shown in picture middle)

3. Fixed Split-Core CT (Current Transformer) [215kBytes] for 50/60Hz ac current measurements up to 1kA, including wide bandwidth harmonic and transient applications. Single phase or multi-channel processors available.

4. Split-Core CT-Pod (Current Transformer) for low currents [280kBytes] for 50/60Hz ac current measurements. 3phase and single phase CT-Pods available. Use with 5Amp CT wiring, or currents up to 80Amps. Feeds into SURETECH SLP directly (shown in picture bottom)

5. Rogowski current sensors [1276kBytes] General data sheet indicating various configurations with some of the following characteristics (please enquire with your requirements)

Current FSD 5Amp / 50Amp / 500Amp / 5kAmp / 30kAmp / 100kAmp

bus bars rectangular / cable / bus-tube

Voltage required (resulting in loose fit or tight fit) <400V / <1kV / 10kV

Mounting arrangement cable supported / external supported

Split core / Fixed core

Readout 4-20mA / RS232 / RS485 / 5Vinst / 5Vdc / LCD / bar-graph

Bandwidth required 1-40Hz / 50-400Hz / 50-5kHz / 5kHz-500kHz, impulse

Accuracy required 0.1% / 0.3% / 1% / 3% / 10%

6. Current Probe for MV systems [228kBytes] - measures amplitude and phase characteristics of MV insulation

High Voltage AC Sensors

1. Cable Live Flasher (Summary) [59kBytes]

2. Cable Live Flasher (Full with pictures) [660kBytes]

3. Outdoor Live Line Sensor (ultra safe, air coupled, outdoor HV power lines) [373kBytes]

4. Pulse peak and Sine sensors (HV impulse measurements, air coupled) [222kBytes]

5. Power Factor Capacitor AC / DC voltage SAFETY monitor [157kBytes]

6. Vehicle Voltage sensor for mobile cranes, tip trucks, stacker/reclaimers etc. [152kBytes]

7. MV VTs (3.3, 6.6, 11, 22, 33kV / 110Vac 3ph) [206kBytes]

8. Proximity Voltage Sensor for any voltage (indoor) [425kBytes]

9. Slip-On Voltage Sensors (MV cables, air coupled) [kBytes]

10. Post Voltage Sensors (MV HV, wide bandwidth, extremely accurate, with or without surge suppressors) [kBytes]

11. Cable (in line) Voltage Sensors (MV, resin potted, bolt in, ultra compact) [kBytes]

DC & AC Current sensors (Hall Effect)

DC & AC Voltage Sensors (RC & C)

1. Hall Effect DC & AC open jaw current sensors [484kBytes]

2. Hall Effect DC high current sensors (split core) [728kBytes]

3. Hall Effect DC 1kA current sensor (split core) [139kBytes]

4. Hall Effect 100Amp dc/ac Current Sensor [417kBytes]

5. DC Resistive voltage sensor for fixed 70kVDC (+ve & -ve sensing) [254kBytes]

6. DC Resistive voltage sensor for fixed 4kVDC (+ve & -ve sensing) [158kBytes]

7. DC Personal Tester for 10kV DC Contact testing [363kBytes]

8. DC Personal Tester for 75kV DC voltage measurements [413kBytes]

9. Multi-channel DC voltage & current with Galvanic Isolation, for 3kV Railway applications [760kBytes]

10. Multi-channel DC voltage & current with Galvanic Isolation, for 12V Automotive and renewable energy applications [510kBytes]

Insulation & Earth continuity monitoring systems

1. Multi-Channel Earth Loss Monitor [555kBytes]

2. Multi-Channel Motor Insulation Monitor [238kBytes]

3. Single channel Motor Insulation Monitor [196kBytes]


Smart Load Processors for Control, Protection, communication, metering





1. 3phase Load Logger for V, I, ph, Quad, kW, kVA, kVAR etc [940kBytes]

2. Single channel, Current monitor & logger for 200A / 2000Amps ac, AND 1amp and 5amp CT secondaries [407kBytes]

3. Transducers for single phase current, voltage etc. [244kBytes]

4. SLP (Smart Load Processor) / Transducers for three phase current, voltage etc. [168kBytes]

5. Self powered transducers for current, voltage [88kBytes]

6. VDR Voltage Discriminator Relay [38kBytes]

7. Phase Sensor for MV [201kBytes]

8. Harmonic Analysis Sampling System [512kBytes]

9. Synchro Scope for synchronising generators [320kBytes]

10. CT Protector, to detect open circuit CTs [103kBytes]

11. LoadLog2 example of data that one customer needed to log [118kBytes]

12. Transient Sensor and Accumulator for switchgear trip monitoring [37kBytes]

13. Multi-Channel Current SLP [208kBytes]

14. Hand Held Controller for SURETECH Sensors, multi-channel [900kBytes]

15. Motor protection controller [enq]

16. GSM GPRS communication modem controller [enq]

17. Bread dough mixing controller [enq]

SMART GRID: Integrated Voltage and Current Sensors



1. Smart Grid CT & VT combo: 22kV 40MVA, 3phase, CT & VT. (Other MV voltages & currents as well) [536kBytes]

2. VI-x System for load profile capturing [796kBytes] Transient logging to capture fault events, brown-outs etc.

3. VI Slip-On sensors [348kBytes]

4. MV VT CT bar primary sensors [262kBytes]

5. VI-xf System for load profile and fault capturing (enq)


Test generators and power sources


1. HiPot 30 to test MV cables, switchgear & equipment; generates 30kV DC, or Low Frequency AC (0.1Hz) [270kBytes]